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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

RIP Enebeli Elebuwa! No Boyfriend Stand A Chance When He Features On Screen As Sugar Daddy (Read More)

This great actor was one of a kind. He made many of us very happy with his acting ability. This man must have been the President of Sugar daddy association of Nigeria from the way he played Sugar daddies. No boyfriend could stood a chance when he appeared on the screen. He will simply colonize you. The man was just good in whatever role he was given.

Too bad that Nigerian actors are not well looked after, to the point that some will be sick and no help will come for them to get medical help. And maybe they are just not well paid, which affects the male ones mostly since the female ones can easily find helpers. Well Mazi Elebuwa, we love you and simply wish you a good rest.

Great Nigerians, let us honour this wonderful man now:

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