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Monday, 31 December 2012

Tips For Winning The Heart OF A Muslim Lady

Tips For Winning The Heart OF A Muslim Lady
1. 'Hi' You met her for the first time, hey! STOP don't stare at her with all your energy.
she will curl back if she discovers your intention at this stage give a welcoming smile.

An exchange of pleasantries is ok. {Don't ask for her number}

2. Get closer to her discussions with other colleague once a while, choose to support her view as much as you can.

3. Never involve your self in religious talks. Just tell her you fancy her religion.

4. Don't be in a rush to touch her.

5. Buy her gifts of what she can't resist, maybe pay her bills after purchase.

6. Make her laugh always...then touch just once her hair saying you admire them.
Don't do that often, then always give a reason to always help her out in an assignment or work..

7. Fit into her live style.

8. Disappear for a while, appear after a while not too soon and of course not too far.

9. If she says anything around ' I missed you' Repeat from No. 4.

10. Then ask her out, if she says no drop it and move on.
If she says yes then take it from there like you would with any other girl. She's Muslim, not an alien.

Submitted by Kola Ahmed 

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