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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'I Haven't Seen My nipplès In 35 Years' - Lady With brèasts That Sagged Down Her Stomach Confesses

A woman whose brèasts were so saggy that she had to fold them up to
fit them into her bra is looking forward to finding love after a
brèast reduction on Embarrassing Bodies has changed her life.

Ann, 47, had large brèasts from a young age and when she gained a lot
of weight as an adult her bra size expanded to an incredible size 48J.

At her heaviest Ann weighed 25 stone. She lost almost 13 stone through
bariatric surgery but was left with brèasts that sagged over her tummy
and were still a 34G.
She had to double her brèasts over to fit them into a bra. Speaking to
Dr Christian on the Channel 4 show, she said: 'I have no self esteem
and because I've got no confidence, I can't possibly contemplate a

'I don't ever look at myself in the mirror, only to do my hair. I
don't ever look at my body because it's so disgusting.

'I've come to see you today because I've lost a lot of weight and I've
got a lot of loose skin, especially on my bòòbs.'

Following her extreme weight loss, Ann had been left with lots of
loose skin, which she said she found really hard to deal with.

Her heavy brèasts gave her back ache, neck ache and she would get a
rash underneath and often infections.

Dr Christian agreed that Ann's brèasts were hugely problematic for
her. He said: 'You've lost a lot of weight but your brèasts are very
deflated and, to put it kindly, your nipplès are now pointing at your

A protein called elastin helps skin ping back into place after it has
been stretched. However, when Ann weighed 25st, her skin was stretched
so much and for so long that when she lost the weight it was no longer

Dr Christian added: 'What's good is that you've got nice healthy skin
all up here and I think if we reconstruct the brèasts and place them
back where they should be with the nipplès pointing upwards, you're
going to end up with a nice pair of brèasts.'

He referred her to Cosmetic Surgeon, Mr Hicham Mouallem at the
Highgate Hospital in London for a reconstructed augmented mastopexy to
uplift the brèasts and give them back some shape and volume.

While Mr Hicham Mouallem admitted that helping Ann would be a big
challenge, he made plans for her to undergo surgery.

Speaking ahead of the surgery, Ann said: 'I can't wait for this to
actually be done because then I will be able to get on with my life
and move forward, get more confident and actually just live my life
instead of just existing.'

Mr Hicham Mouallem moved her nipple up completely, removed all excess
skin and reshaped the brèast, which took a total of three hours.

Her brèasts had to be strong enough to support the implant so he
removed as much of the saggy skin as he could, then created a pocket
within the brèast in which an implant was inserted.

In total, he has removed 1.5kg of flesh; the equivalent of two guinea pigs.

Speaking to Dr Christian after the surgery, Ann said that she is over
the moon with her new brèasts and is looking forward to living her
life fully.

'I feel much better, a million per cent better, especially when I have
a shower. Before my bòòbs were so horrendous that I had to hook them
over my arm to wash but now I don't have to do that.

She added: 'I haven't seen my nipplès in 35 years so to actually see
them and know I've got some is quite good.'

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