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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

SHOCKING: Man Kills Father Over A Radio

Man kills father over a radio

A Nyajena man will spend the next 17 years behind bars after a High Court judge found him guilty of killing his father in a brawl over a radio cassette player.

Isaac Mangezi (age not indicated in court papers) was convicted by High Court judge Justice Susan Mavhangira due to overwhelming evidence, for striking his father Isaiah Mangezi on the head and all over the body.

The fatal assault with logs, a pestle and an iron bar followed a dispute during a beer drink on August 27 2010, at village six, Bangala Ranch in Triangle.

Prosecutor Ellison Chabarika told the Court Friday that on the fateful day, Isaac was coming from work with his younger brother Tinashe, who is now late, and went to the family homestead where there was a traditional beer drink.

A radio cassette player belonging to one Silence Dhosphan provided entertainment. When beer ran out, Silence took with him his radio, which was replaced by another cassette player belonging to the deceased so the party could go on. But a misunderstanding ensued between the deceased and Tinashe over the operation of the radio as well as the selection of music.

Isaac, who had briefly left for his homestead, came back upon hearing the altercation and teamed up with Tinashe in railing at their father for being uncontrollable when drunk.

The brothers each picked mopani logs and severely assaulted their father several times all over the body. Isaac then took a pestle and pounded his late father twice on the chest, while Tinashe was also assaulting him with fist and a mopani log.

The court heard that Isaac also took an iron bar and struck the deceased once on the head and he collapsed. The assault continued until their father lay prostrate on the ground. The brothers then disappeared from the scene before Isaac was arrested the following day.

Tinashe's decomposed body was found the following month after he hanged himself.

Isaiah was rushed to Chiredzi General Hospital where he died two days later.

In his defence, Isaac, represented by Dumisani Hwacha of Ndlovu and Hwacha legal practitioners, tried to put the blame on his deceased brother, saying he committed suicide because he knew he was guilty.

However, five witnesses, including Silence, nailed him.

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