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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

To All GistLanders: Lets Help Our Brother Win Skale's #Shakebody dance

Hello fans, we still apologise for the break in dishing out what you've always known us for, we are working on a system that would put your favourite site not just on the national level but the other side which is going International!!
Today We announce to you that one of our fan has officially joined the 'Skales Shakebody' dance competition for a chance to win $10,000!!!!.

 We emplore all our fans to Watch the short video [40 Seconds] and SHARE.
When we emerge victorious, we are gonna throw a big party for all GistLanders!!!
After watching the video, comment done or drop your view about his dance step. This way we know you've watched the video and you won't be left out of the after win Party!!
Watch the video here >>

Thursday, 15 May 2014

We'll Be Back Soon!

We apologize for halting the updates of recent, it was due to some essential maintenance works we are currently running on the site.
We are gonna be right back, and when we do, expect some really great improvements.
We appreciate fans who have been checking on a daily basis, we promise to make it up to you all.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"She is so greedy" - Actress Laide Bakare's Ex-Hubby Blasts Her For Dumping Him To Marry A "Fraudster"

As the news of Laide Bakare's rich husband's alleged fraud case is spreading fast in the media, her ex-husband Olumide Okufulure, who she dumped to marry Lagos Big Boy, Tunde Orilowo, got wind of the fact that her new husband is on the run and has been declared wanted by the EFCC.
Olumide, a US-based businessman, has blasted Laide Bakare. See what he said below:
"You see, Laide has just started. She hasn't even reached where she's going. She will soon leave this Alhaji because she likes a comfortable place. I heard she claims that I don't have money. Now she's where she can get money...
"When I met her, she was driving a Celica. I bought her a 2 million Chrysler car. When she had our child, I bought a first-class ticket for her to bring our baby. I later bought Infinity Jeep that she gave her younger sibling.
"When she was about to marry me, it was the money she saw. When she came to America, I bought her a 4matic Benz. Laide isn't a good person, she is yet to see God's wrath."

The man also said he has found a new woman who is not too money conscious and they are getting married. 

‘I saw people’s flesh flying’ – Abuja Bomb Blast Survivor speaks

Mr. Okere a businessman who is thanking God for his lucky escape narrated how he managed to escape the gory incident in an interview with newsmen although he sustained serious injuries and has been admitted in the hospital.

He told newsmen the explosions had come from two white buses parked inside the Nyanya Motor Park by the gate.

Nigerian Model Tracy Obonna Shows Off Her Assests In New Photos

Nigerian/American Model, Tracy Obonna Shows Off Her Assests In New Photos...More pics after the cut:

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

PHOTO LEAKS: Guy Sample Female Student and Expose Her Nudé

 PHOTO LEAKS: Guy Sample Female Student and Expose Her Nudé
The rate at which ladies pursue money these days is quite worrisome. You can hardly see a single lady in any of the major cities who is not desperate and ready to do anything with a man just to get money from him. In fact it's so bad that some ladies will just tell you "N20k per night" even when you just want to be her friend.

The girl above is one of them. She met a guy on one of the social networks and rushed to meet him in a hotel as he appeared like a rich guy from his online profile. The guy "enjoyed" her, lied to her that he will send money to her bank account and even took her private photos. Now the photos have leaked...

Give Me the N1.2m Bride Price I Paid Your Parents ––Policeman Tells His Wife In Court

 Give Me the N1.2m Bride Price I Paid Your Parents ––Policeman Tells His Wife In Court
Hmmmm....wonders shall never end! A policeman, Anthony Ibemere, has told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos that his wife, Uloma, should return his N1.2 million bride price if she insisted on divorcing him.

38-year-old Anthony was responding to a divorce suit filed by Uloma, his wife of four years, who accused him of battery. He accused his wife of hiding her marital status by telling people that she is single.

PHOTOS: Actress Anita Joseph Flaunts Her Séxy Assets

 PHOTOS: Actress Anita Joseph Flaunts Her Séxy Assets
Anita refused to marry her boyfriend when he proposed to her recently. Her reason is because she can't go on to marry any man who will make her stop exposing her body for the pleasure of her fans. See things...

PHOTO: Is This Woman Forcing This Guy To Marry Her?

 PHOTO: Is This Woman Forcing This Guy To Marry Her?
What we used to see is a case of some ladies feeling or looking sad at their wedding because they are forced to marry a man by family pressure. But what could make a man look like this sad at his own wedding?

VIDEO: Comedian I Go Dye Got Everyone Laughing Scatter

To many lovers of Naija comedy, I Go Dye is the number in Nigeria. Watch this video and you'll agree.
The best comedian in Nigeria!

The Abuja Bombing: Sorrow, Tears and Blood Flow Everywhere

A bomb attack by suspected Boko Haram members on a crowded motor park in Nyanya on Monday threw the Federal Capital Territory into confusion. Although security agencies put the number of the dead and the injured at 71 and 124 respectively, independent findings showed that over 100 persons, including three of the men identified as the suicide bombers, died.

Update On Abuja Bombing: The Cabal Are Fighting, SEE Result

 Update On Abuja Bombing: The Cabal Are Fighting, SEE Result
The Cabal did not die at Nyana. The Cabal do not use bus stops. They fly, mostly in private jets and when they ply our roads, they ride in not only bullet-proof, but the latest technology bomb-proof vehicles from Texas Armory. They kept the fight grounds away from Abuja mostly as a cordial agreement among themselves. You will know the fight is getting out of their ‘control’ as Abuja was hit, Monday. Human beings live in Abuja. The Cabal don’t die from their war, it is we the people, the poor, mekunu people who die.

Anita Joseph Wants You Guys To See If She's Séxy OR Ugly

You all have seen Anita Joseph in different pix wearing heavy make up, but you can now see what she looks like without any make-up and decide if she is a beautiful or ugly babe. Check out the photos below...

SEE What Has Happened To The Mystery River In Enugu [PHOTOS]

 SEE What Has Happened To The Mystery River In Enugu [PHOTOS]
Like an episode of a funny dream, the Enugu mystery ‘Pool of Bethesda’ has dried up. The only permanent thing in the world is change, and change has taken place. Less than four months after its inundation, the popular Enugu mystery pool has dried up to surprised of those who were making money from it.

2015 Battle: Jonathan Goes After Aggrieved APC Leaders

 2015 Battle: Jonathan Goes After Aggrieved APC Leaders
President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP have launched a plan to lure prominent members of the country’s biggest opposition party, the APC, to work for Jonathan's re-election bid. As it is today, the APC  is a big and growing threat to dominance of the PDP and with the right candidate the party will defeat Jonathan.
“Both the Presidency and national leadership of the PDP are going about and holding meetings

Yes I Love Video Games but It's Better than Smoking Igbo –Klint

 Yes I Love Video Games but It's Better than Smoking Igbo –Klint
Popular comedian Klint Da Drunk has cries out that some of his fellow comedians are not happy with him and that they are out to rubbish his credibility at all cost. In a chat with Punch, Klint blast his colleagues who he said are going about peddling rumours that his love for computer game is what has limited his progress.

On why some of his colleagues are after him, Klint stated that "They have cliques but that does not bother me because it doesn’t affect my career. God still chases away flies for a tailless cow. So, I'm not complaining."
Asked to clear the air about his [too much] love for computer games, the comedian said:
"Now they say I would have gone far in my career if not for my love for computer games. It is this same set of comedians that went around telling people that I live in Abuja so that I will not be getting Lagos shows. My colleagues want to run me down, let them feel free. It is because they are afraid of me; they feel that if they run me down I won’t survive it...
"I am a gadget lover, that is the truth. Everyone knows that whenever I walk into a gadget shop the people there want me to educate them about some of their gadgets. Isn’t it better that I am a sucker for video games than a sucker for smoking igbo, marijuana?”

Nobody Can Stop Jonathan’s Second Term –Presidency Boasts

The Presidency has vowed that no group of individuals have what it takes to stop President Goodluck Jonathan from ruling Nigeria for 10 years by as he must get a re-election in 2015.

Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Ahmed Gulak, who spoke on behalf of the Presidency in Abuja said from their political consultations carried out, Nigerians have seen that there was no alternative to his oga, Jonathan, in 2015.

Facebook Marriages May Not Last ––Pastor Adeboye Warns

 Facebook Marriages May Not Last ––Pastor Adeboye Warns
Pastor E.A. Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Church, has warned that marriages contracted on or through the social media may not last. He gave the warning in a sermon he preached on at the wedding of the adopted daughter of President Goodluck Jonathan, Faith and her husband, Godswill, in Abuja.

BIZZARE: Man jailed for being too sexually active

BIZZARE: Man jailed for being too sexually active
The poor guy believes he is being persecuted for being too good at sex. Is that his fault? According to reports, A middle aged Italian man has been sentenced to spend 6 months in jail for the oddest of reasons.

42-year-old Romeo Artemio Lori had the sentence passed down on him after neighbours in the Vigodarzere, Padua area complained that his sexual prowess made his girlfriend moan too loudly.
According to reports, Mr. Lori’s neighbours had implored him to keep the noise down but their pleas had gone unheeded.

The neighbours, numbering about 12, thereafter complained to a judge who agreed with them that Mr. Lori needed some time alone and thus sentenced him to prison.

BUSTED: 70-Year-Old HIV Positive Man Arrested For Defiling Teenager

A 70-year-old man has been arrested for defiling a 13-year-old girl in Barkin Ladi Local Government Plateau state.

The man (name withheld) was said to have r*ped the girl last Thursday.

The suspect who is now cooling his heels in police net was also said to be infected with HIV and is on anti-retroviral drugs.

Reports say the old man was caught in the act by the son of the landlord, who immediately reported the matter to the police.

He confessed to the crime, but later denied after some of his kinsmen told him to deny defiling the minor, it was gathered.

Plateau State Commissioner of Police, Mr Chris Olakpe confirmed that the 70-year-old man is in police custody in Barkin Ladi, for allegedly ra*ing a 13-year-old girl but said he would be transferred to the headquarters in Jos where he would be charged to court.

OH LA LA!!! “Education is not for me, I scored 17 in JAMB” - Timaya

Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa is certainly an inspiration to thousands of youths across the country with his endless string of hit songs and his ‘grass to grace’ story.

Timaya made sure to drop this titbit during his eclectic performance at the 3Rd stage of Star Music Trek, which held in Uyo on April 12th 2014.

“Education is not for me,” the hit artiste confessed, “It is important, yes, but not for me for me”
“I scored 17 in JAMB, That's when I gave up. I don’t have the brain for education but for those of you who do, please do it, its good.” He further stressed.

No one can dispute that the massively popular Niger Delta star is still so passionate about education -or at least strongly encourages others to have it.

It’s thrilling to note too that despite this ‘lack’, he has risen to become one of the most influential artistes in the country today who consistently intersperses his performances with an enduring message to young people to always harness their talent and exploit it.

President Jonathan's Daughter Wore The 'Longest Wedding Dress Train' In Nigeria [SEE PHOTOS]

President Jonathan's daughter's wedding is a record breaker. Firstly, her parents gave all the guests a gold plated iPhone as souvenir. Secondly, the couple received over 64 brand new cars as gifts.

As if all these were not enough, her wedding dress became the longest wedding dress in Nigeria.More pics after the cut:

DISGUSTING: Female teachers catch male colleague urinating in their tea [SEE PHOTOS]

Four female nursery teachers who were suspicious about their strange-smelling tea trained a hidden camera on their thermos flasks – and discovered a cigarette-smoking colleague was urinating in them.

Chinese police arrested 54-year-old Gao Chao and took him to hospital where he was tested for infectious diseases.But they say the teacher committed no crime because he has a clean bill of health so his actions caused no harm.

LADIES; 9 signs you’re taking your jealousy too far

LADIES; 9 signs you’re taking your jealousy too far
1. You Remember Every Female Name He Mentions and React – If the name of any female your man mentions around you becomes a fixation somewhere in your head, you’re getting too jealous and need to take a step back. Even if your boyfriend’s nickname is Don Juan he can’t possibly be sleeping with every woman neither would he bring her name up in conversation with you.
On the other hand, it’s possible she’s a new prospect and he mentioned her name subconsciously, showing your jealousy about it or showing him you remember details about her is a sign that you are not only jealous but threatened.

MORE PICTURES From Bomb Blast At Nyanya Park, Abuja Yesterday (VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED)

Reports reaching us at that Over 100 people have been confirmed dead after two bomb blast at Nyanya Motor park Abuja early this morning around 6.45am

Pictures from the scene when you continue but Viewers Discretion Advised
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